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Twenty20 Cricket
Considering the fact that Twenty20 Cricket was introduced in United Kingdom in a domestic cricket competition in 2003, the popularity it has received in such a short span of time is quite remarkable.

In Twenty20 Cricket, the rules of one-day international are modified to accord complete feast to the spectators and the batsmen at much cost to the bowler. Each team gets a quota of 20 overs each to set and chase the target.

Some of the ways in which Twenty20 Cricket varies from one day cricket are-

  • Instead of the normal no-balls, incase a bowler oversteps 2 runs is awarded to the batting side and the next ball is treated as a free hit, which means that the batsman cannot be out, except for run-out, in that delivery.
  • Incase the bowling team is delaying the proceedings, the umpires are empowered to award 5 runs to the batting side.
  • A bowler cannot bowl more than 4 four overs.
  • In case the match ends in a tie, then the victor is decided by means of 'bowl-out', in which case 5 bowlers from each side bowls two deliveries each at the unguarded wicket.
Twenty20 Cricket is spreading rapidly across all cricket playing countries much to the chagrin of the purists of the game who claim to foresee the clear death of the game. provides information on Twenty20 Cricket and other types of Cricket.

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