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Short Form Cricket
Short Form Cricket is cricket repackaged into a more attractive and smaller packet, containing all the condiments of cricket in the concentrated form and sold to countries with tastes yet undeveloped for cricket.

Short Form of Cricket, as its very name suggests, reduces the normal length of cricket matches from eight hours to little more than couple of hours.

The inventors of the Short Form Cricket devised the game with the view of sifting the boredom of long hours from exciting parts of normal cricket. Thus in short form cricket, premium is laid on aggressive batting and quick runs.

Short Form Cricket has been subjected to considerable criticisms, coming especially from the purist and the bowlers. The former lament the relegation of good batting techniques into ancillary attributes of a ideal batsman, while the latter complain that Short Form Cricket, much like the most of modern cricket, is increasing becoming a batsman's game.

Such strong criticisms notwithstanding, Short Form Cricket is fast gaining popularity and is gradually being included as a part of the tour itinerary of the visiting sides. provides information on Short Form Cricket and other types of Cricket.

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