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Beach Cricket
Cricket maybe associated with a sprawling, vast ground, well dressed players and a lot of rules, but when it comes to beach cricket, all these are exempted to accommodate a primary feature of any sport-fun.

Unconventional to the Core

Beach cricket is a truly enjoyable experience. Very different from the other forms of cricket, Beach Cricket is played without the conventional rules and even equipments of cricket. An offshoot of 'backyard' cricket, Beach Cricket, as the name suggest is played on the beach. The smooth sand on the edge of the sea is used as a pitch. There are no fixed cricketing gear used and even the bats and wickets are unconventional. Anything that can be held in the hand and is capable of hitting a tennis ball can be used as a bat. The wickets are often inverted garbage tins, beer racks or just a tree trunk.

Scoring? Howzat!

A major attraction of Beach Cricket is that it has no system of keeping scores. The game is played for sheer enjoyment and so scores are not kept. It is often played by a group of picnickers or by people of any age and gender on lazy Sunday mornings or on holidays.


The rules of Beach Cricket are truly meant to be broken and bent. There are a whole set of interesting rules that makes Beach Cricket so popular. Some of them are:

  • Tip Run - Every time the ball is hit, the batsman has to run, irrespective of the distance the ball has gone to.

  • One Drop One Hand - According to this rule, a batsman will be given out if the ball is caught by a fielder by one hand after it has dropped once.

  • First Ball - In Beach Cricket, no one can be out on the first ball.

  • No Umpires - The absence of umpires makes Beach Cricket all the more attractive. The players themselves and bystanders function as the umpires.

  • Big Hit Out - If the batsman hits the ball over the fence (which would ideally be a six), he/she will be declared out. This is fair, as if the ball is hit into the sea, the game may just be called off due to the lack of a playing ball!

Beach Cricket is a great way to relax and have fun while not having to worry about runs, umpiring decisions and the like. It is a very popular activity in many parts of the world. provides information on Beach Cricket and other forms of cricket played around the world.

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