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Andrew Flintoff

Full name Andrew Flintoff
Born December 6, 1977, Preston, Lancashire
Major teams England, ICC World XI, Lancashire
Batting style Right-hand bat
Bowling style Right-arm fast

NBC Denis Compton Award 1997

Wisden Cricketer of the Year 2004

ICC One-Day Player of the Year 2004

ICC Player of the Year 2005

BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2005

Awarded the MBE in 2005

Andrew Flintoff loves his cricket and plays it with a lion heart. His aggression, both as a batsman and a bowler has proven to be the best thing that has ever happened to English cricket in recent years. Andrew Flintoff is the most favorite sports icon in England at present, outshining the national footballers, and is a major reason behind revival of cricket in England. The ride to top has, undeniably, been a bumpy one for Andrew Flintoff. Injuries and Weight problems have cast their shadows on his career, which has been survived by the brightness of his pure determination. Even as early as 2001, Andrew Flintoff's career seemed to have reached the end of the road. His requests to be sent to Rod Marsh's ECB Academy were granted and Andrew Flintoff emerged motivated. Though injuries kept following like unwanted friends, Andrew Flintoff finished the 2003 World Cup as the tournament's most economical bowler.

In the ensuing seasons, Andrew Flintoff contributed with both bat and ball to become one major reason for England's success against West Indies and South Africa. It was the historic win in the 2006 Ashes series that catapulted Andrew Flintoff into a national hero. His all round exploits in the tournament earned him the inaugural Compton-Miller Medal and John Buchanan's choice for the Man of the Series. He finished the exciting five test series with 402 runs and 24 wickets. Andrew Flintoff's leadership skills were put to good test as he sat in for the injured Michael Vaughn in the tough India tour. He led from the front with his usual aggression and drew the test series 1-1.

Andrew Flintoff has been likened to Ian Botham, a legendary English allrounder. Cricketscorelive.com gives information on Andrew Flintoff and other Great Cricket Players.

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